Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stuff & Whatnot!

Hey Moffateers! It's been a minute since I've posted something on here, but I'm happy to report that I've been out doing "stuff & whatnot". I'm fortunate enough to have been productive, and to be moving the needle with some sweet opportunities. I want to keep my fan(s) (mom & sister) informed and updated! 

I had a cool opportunity to be in the background of a Feature Film, set in New Orleans, LA and filmed in Frederick, MD, titled 'Dinner with the Alchemist.' The film is about a serial killer who would slay prostitutes and leave them on church steps - how scary is that, brah?! Got some good camera time, which will end up being like half a second, but that's why they creates the pause button on remotes! IMDB credit?!

The following week I had the opportunity to audition in New York City for National Geographic's 'Brain Games.' The episode that I will be on filmed on May 30th, 2014 in Long Island - more information to come on that episode airing in the future, mommy. (IMDB credit, brah?!)

Went back up to New York City to get some more camera time as a background on a pilot titled 'Secession,' which tells the story of a timid governor who finds himself President of a new country when his state secedes from the U.S. 'Twas fun being a part of the production and seeing what it takes (and how many takes) to get quality work made. The main characters were incredible actors/actresses, and definitely inspired me to add something like that to my repertoire. Here's a shot of the camera work in a very tight space. Can't see me, but I'm there, I promise!

8x10, Baltimore, MD. This place is sweet! If you haven't heard about it, it's a pretty famous performance venue for bands, DJs, musicians, etc. Great space for concerts. My comedy partner, Ryan Neser, and I (aka Wrecked 'Em Comedy) performed there this past Friday (6/6/2014) for a charity event. We followed an incredible Baltimore-based band named Soul Island Rebels, then did our comedy thing to a wild group of fundraisers and friends. We followed up the night by performing at a housewarming party (pictures unavailable, luckily!) for some good friends. 

Saturday was followed up with another cool opportunity to perform with friends. Danny Charnley (Twitter's Sweetheart), Benjamin Colin Farrington Daniels (BCFD), and I performed at Georgetown Visitation for comedy Feature Film premier for 'Support' - written and directed by up-and-coming actress Shannon Madden. You guys (mommy) have the interwebs, so google it. It is a hilarious tale of actors addiction and should be available on YouTube in the coming weeks. Check it out and support it!

Rounded out the weekend hosting our local comedy showcase at The Cellar Door. I guess that brings me/us current! I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of really cool people that have done inspirational things through these opportunities and I am grateful. Hammer is down on comedy performances as well, so check out my Show Schedule tab to see where I will be next. Support Live Comedy and Artists! Love you, mommy!